Anawangin Cove: My 1st ever travel experience ❤

Anawangin Cove with sidetrip to Camara Island , San Antonio Zambales  July 16 – 17, 2016 😍

At first I was so hesitant to go in Anawangin because we’re only two that will going to go there and it’s my 1st time traveling outside Manila. But with a lot of encouragement and excitement, I conquered my fears and tadaaaa!!! Here I am so inloved with traveling na. 

Knowing that Anawangin is a remote island – meaning no electricty, no internet! Just feel the relaxing ambiance and peacefulness of Anawangin and presto! you are totally stress-free from the hassle of DraManila 😊

Living for two days and one night in a tent is so cool! But keep yourself to those small insects and mosquitoes as well, bring insect repellent lotion. Bring flashlights and extra batteries to find your way at night. For your cooking needs bring lighter or matches and papers (pampaapoy).

Anawangin is perfect for a quick and cheap weekend get-away. Breathtaking scenery with its clear waters and rolling hills that makes Anawangin truly picture-perfect.

Sidetrip to Camara Island:

Camara Island is a big lump of a rock with very little soil. Trees aren’t that many but the angle of the island makes it a scenic spots for a great photo shoot.

Things to bring:

  1. Tents. Ask your friends if they have one that you can borrow. Note that it’s a little bit pricey renting a tent there. Might as well buy your own tent at a low price on some online shops.
  2. Food. Bring foods that are easy to prepare somehow there’s a store but expect them to be selling highly priced goods. Canned goods, breads and cup noodles are good choices. You can also buy fresh goods from San Antonio Public Market before going to the island and cook them after. If you do not have a talent in cooking they have paluto service.
  3. Water. Water is precious!
  4. Can / bottle opener. You will need this to open some stuff.
  5. Flashlight. Remember no electricty.
  6. Mosquito/ insect repellent. To avoid mosquito bites and insects at night.
  7. Sunblock. To protect your skin from the sun.
  8. Toiletries. For personal hygiene bruh!
  9. Camera.Anawangin offers awesome sceneries that every piece is worth-capturing.

How to get to Anawangin:


  1. From Manila, take a Victory Liner bus bound to Iba, Zambales and get off at San Antonio Municipal Hall (251 pesos per pax). Other route, you may travel bus to Olongapo City and then ride another bus to San Antonio.
  2. Take a tricycle to Pundaquit. (30 per pax)
  3. In Pundaquit, rent a boat going to Anawangin cove.         

Take note to always waterproof your bags and  things. 


Anawangin is the best place to unwind and to distress yourself from the hassle city.




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